Musing about how Artist Relationships unfold and develop into a win win for ALL.

CREATING AN ART BOND between the Gallery, Installer, Artist and the Collectors. 

Featured image above: Sold a Chris Boffoli! photograph, “Snowblower” at Winston Wachter gallery

Musing about how artist relationships unfold and develop. I met the artist, Omar Chacon through a close buddy of his and neighbor of mine in the Hamptons after seeing his work at art fairs over the years. I contacted him and asked if he would like to be exhibited in a lobby, we met at 270 Madison Ave. and he agreed to lease his work. We photographed his painting, which Duggal produced and installed on a light box in the lobby.

Omar Chacon, 270 Madison Ave
Freddy Chandra cast acrylic and resin wall sculpture
Cindy Farkas Glanzrock, 270 Madison Ave
Freddy Chandra installation in progress

The lobby was an overall success, the tenants loved the colors and shine, so much so that a work sold and we replaced it with another work of art of Omar’s. Old Friends of mine saw similar work when we were at the Pulse Miami art fair, 2017. I invited them to the gallery in NYC, Thatcher Projects and then to Omar’s home/studio where they connected as both had lived in Miami.
They bought a beautiful unique work of his – my favorite work on paper of Omar’s!

Margaret arrived and Adrian who hand delivered it to their home on a Saturday where we hung it. The clients purchased the works through Glanzrock Curatorial Services for their living room and dining room – Besides Omar’s work on paper, Freddy Chandra’s architectural plexiglass wall work and Nobu Fukui‘s pop mixed media collage. Howard Hughes Corporation is another new client of Freddy Chandra through Glanzrock Curatorial Service. Another happy ending of 2018.

Adrian Tone, mover/installer, Margaret Thatcher, gallery owner, Thatcher Projects
Nobu Fukui, and it’s a wrap!

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