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Lobby art tour for the members of YMWREA on Friday, June 16th will include 270 Madison Avenue. Both the artist and gallery will be present.
"Ensayo Bacon" 2014,  Acrylic on Canvas
We recently sold Enasayo Bacon curated for the lobby at 270 Madison Avenue with the Margaret Thatcher Gallery, who leased the work to us and came up with a beautiful replacement, Nimaima by artist, Omar Chacon.
"Nimaima" 2014, Acrylic On Canvas, 42’ x 54‘
Cindy w/ "Ensayo Bacon"
"Nimaima" by Omar Chacon has been installed in the lobby at 270 Madison Avenue to replace "Ensayo Bacon Golden" that was sold on 1st Dibs!
Building Art Curatorial Program, initial curation by artist, Alex Guofeng Cao, "Elvis vs. Warhol" 270 Madison Avenue, NYC, Winter 2015 click photograph to view video
Real Art Muse's Building Art Curatorial Program 270 Madison Avenue, NYC, Spring 2017 click photograph to view video
All works display and others are for sale Contact: 917.679.9980 Pricing available upon request. Studio and gallery visits can be arranged