ThankFuLL, for Sooo many Reasons in 2022…

Thankfully so much to be thankful for from the past year! Some highlights include: The Launch of my Glanzrock Trailblazers Podcast (About Episode here), the Venice Biennale 2022 Opening, with Carole Feuerman and Gallery Bel Air Fine Art, Visiting Chez Mom in the South of France and a private Kandinsky viewing in Grenoble …. and Paris with friends, Joining Casa Cipriani…Buying New artwork at Saatchi art sale… with Artist and Yoga Friend Amanda Marko.

You can check out my podcast below or wherever you get podcasts.

Discover the effort, planning, time, and creation that goes into erecting a sculpture that calls Central Park its home. In this episode, Cindy speaks with sculpturist Meredith Bergmann about the art proudly created featuring some important women.Meredith is a sculptor who, for over 25 years, has been making work that deals with complex themes in an accessible, beautiful, and stimulating way. She works both on public monuments and on a private scale. She seeks out public commissions that explore issues of history, race, human rights, disabilities, and the power of poetry and music. Her private works often involve visual and verbal puns.You will learn much history about art in New York, impactful women, and Meredith’s journey as a young artist in New York City. Highlights from this episode include:Learn when the first statue of a historical, real woman was erected in Central Park.The process from beginning to end of what went into creating her sculpture to stand in Central Park.Women's Rights Pioneers Monument immediately began being a place of celebration for women. Hear about an almost bankrupt Meredith’s artistic journey that began in New York City in the 70s – what she studied, what piqued her curiosity and interest, and where she spent hours sketching during those early years.Discover why Meredith’s motivation lies behind people seeking to memorialize a particular figure.Listen in on a sneak peek of Meredith’s next creative sculpture, Gateway to Lexington.Meredith shares, “I study individuals. If I'm creating a portrait of someone, I have to allow myself to identify with that subject, no matter how old they are, what gender they are, what race, or what life experience. I have to study their life and try to find ways to understand and empathize with them.”Meredith and Cindy mention various pieces of art throughout their conversation. Check your podcast player for the chapters to see the artwork. If you’d like to see and learn more about Meredith Bergmann as a woman and artist, you can find a link to her website and LinkedIn page below.Connect with Meredith BergmannwebsiteLinkedInConnect with Cindy: InstagramLinkedInWebsite Thanks for joining us on the Trail Blazer Women podcast! If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a rating and review to help us reach even more women interested in learning about trailblazing women about women in the arts, politics, real estate, and more.
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Historical walking tour in Savannah

Trip to Savannah, GA with Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art Founder, Karen Talwar in Savannah
Telfair Museum in Savannah

Celebrating July 4th in the Hamptons Chez Maison Cindy, RealArtMuse

Jim Gingerich with one of his Falling sculptures
with Victoria’s homemade cake, So Yummy

Meeting Artists and Art Enthusiasts art East

CCSI staff and YMWREA outreach for fundraising

YMWREA Fundraiser for the Crossroads Community Services at St. Bartholomew’s Church a great success!

Touring the new Moynihan Train Hall with YMWREA

Ericc Gertler and Doug at YMWREA tour
YMWREA – Vice Chair Lauren and YMWREA

Visiting the Central Park Zoo and the sculptures of Central Park including the new “Women’s Rights Pioneers” by Meredith Bergmann

Celebrating my birthday with sister Georgette and friend Henry Buhl, who recently turned shhhh, 93

Viewing the “About Time” exhibition at the MET Museum Costume Institute and the Christian Dior exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Drew and I enjoy getting to know
VVG – Vincent Van Gogh

At the immersive Van Gogh exhibit at Pier 36 where art and music and hallucination come together 🙂

Palm Beach Art Fair, and Boca Raton, Valentine Lunch with Hartley Cousins and Past and Future Good Friends…

Cousin Hartleys and Me 🙂

Planning Iconic Women panel at Luminary with one of the panelists, Carmen Einfinger, a follow up from “A Seat at the Table” Event I hosted in 2019 @The Core Club

Paris and The South of France Here I Come….

Amazing trip to France with Friends and Family!!

Halloween at Leesa and Larry’s Hoe Down with Maria Elena
A fun night with Andrew and Peter Casa Cipriani’s
Photo shoot with photographer Sophie Elgort for my recent podcast relaunch and episode on Meredith Bergmann
Alexis McGill Johnson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood speaking at the US News conference “The State of Equity in America”
MET Opera Concert for Ukraine
Alyssa author of “The Art of Online Dating”
The Podcast make Cindy look good team 🙂 xx

Any Thoughts?

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