270 Madison Ave. Installation: Alex Cao’s, “Elvis vs. Warhol”

The artist, Alex Guofeng Cao’s large scale, “Elvis vs. Warhol” is part of his “Icons vs. Iconic Legends” series, especially fitting for 270 Madison Avenue.  Most timely with the recent sale of Andy Warhol’s, “Triple Elvis”, which broke a world record of $81.9 million at Christie’s Auction House.

Alex’s appropriation of Warhol’s, “Triple Elvis” was made specifically for this site and both of the canvases are an Edition of 5.  Alex Cao is of Chinese descent.  He is greatly influenced by US pop culture and enjoys studying eastern and western philosophy and history.  Many of his works have double meaning through cultural and historical references, often with a touch of old-fashioned Hollywood glamour.
Alex’s canvases and sculptures are comprised of a mosaic of images or “virtual mini pixels” that compose the larger portrait.
For further information about these works and others please contact BACP and visit: http://www.alexguofengcao.com

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