2014 starts off with Lights, camera action and a Splash of Color at 745 Fifth Avenue

2014 is off  to a Splash of Color with a Sense of Humor and Bold Color at Mary Boone, and a Sense of Modern Classics at David McKee - 745 Fifth Avenue.


The Art scene never ceases to amaze and surprise me.

There is never a dull minute. I started off a fun filled evening on the the 2nd Thursday in January, the Opening of G.T Pellizzi's first solo show at Mary Boone Gallery and then mozied across the hallway to a civilized and tastefully curated group show at David McKee Gallery.

Luckily, and quite surprisingly, yet naturally, my first friendly encounter was with the the charming and passionate gallerist and collector David McKee

David had great stories to share and fascinating details about the artists, without coming across as someone who sells art but instead someone who enjoys the show and tell part of the art world.
If I was an artist I definitely want David to represent me.
Few Gallerists have this easy way, yet persuasive talent to share.
I left the gallery wanting to own works by Jeanne Silverthorne, Leonid Lerman, Marcel Eichner and Philip Guston.

As we moved back over to the buzz at the Mary Boone Gallery,  we were met with colorful works by the handsome and charming artist G.T. Pellizzi. (hyperlink with a photo with me speaking with Pellizzi)
With the help of his explanation and insight into his works which reflected the financial markets and how he was influenced by the mundane and turned graphs, analytics, books with astrology and ancient traditions to effectuate a creative outlet and a play on the machine that often feeds the art world, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

I recommend you read the article written in the Economist by Ann   who gives her description of the show and the works.
The Economist


With artist Peter Saul and work "Smoking Ducks Painting a Landscape"

Mary Boone was in the back where she was speaking to the artist, Peter Saul,  who's work I have followed for years.Peter Saul kindly struck up a conversation and I asked gently about his smoking habit and his work as a great painter.
(a shot of the photo here of the ducks smoking cigarettes.... with paint brushes in their hands.Art, fashion, finance, real estate, philosophy conversations filled the room as I made my  rounds.And, saw  familiar faces, celebs, and friends or a nice place to make new oneshyperlink to Tumblr page with photos from opening.Inevitably, I  got caught up with fashion sightseeing as you can see from some of  the photos I like to take to to see what people are wearing in the dead of cold and who can to stand out at a Mary Boone 2014 opening.


Any Thoughts?

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