Change Your Perspective of the World, with Steve Freeman, NJLA “not just lobby art”

SteveFreeman,is an international photographer whose work transforms you to another place, from the lobby of 130 W 42nd Street into a portal across the globe. A display of photographs is the newest installation in a two year contract for three rotations of artworks. This is how it works in real time

Freeman in the lobby at 130 W 42nd Street

The rotation was launched with Andy Warhol's Flowers, followed by Sarah Morris's Bye Bye Brazil Series and the most recent installation of the photojournalist Steve Freeman's work "crosses boundaries" from commercial photography, photojournalism and fine art and his passion to explore and share his stories.

After graduating from the University of Miami, with a degree in photojournalism and cultural anthropology, Steve pursued his career as a photojournalist and studio photographer, including work with an NGO. 

Steve says that he enjoys "finding the beauty that is ‘normal’ to people who are too distracted to see what [he] sees." Drawing from his anthropological background and curiosity to learn about other cultures seeking out new and exciting experiences.

His work has been exhibited throughout the US in art galleries and published in international publication including: Air Asia's In-Flight Magazine,, and


Steve spent last year working with the U.K. based Raleigh International, a sustainable development organization with 30 years of expertise working with young people to create lasting change, documenting water, sanitation and hygiene projects, natural resource management projects, and adventure leadership culture projects across Tanzania, Borneo, and Malaysia. His photographs are used for marketing and public relations campaigns.

"There is so much more beauty in the world than what most people see in their daily life." It is his ability to capture these moments that drew me to his photography.  In addition, Steve in the truest sense of the word, is a chameleon. When not traveling the world as a photojournalist, working on destination wedding and special events, he works locally as a freelance photographer. Steve resides in Galloway, New Jersey.

Steve Freeman's photography as well as the work of the other artist's work shown previously at 130 West 42nd Street, including Andy Warhol and Sarah Morris can be found on the BACP art for sale website.

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